Ever noticed how very noisy hotel coat-hangers are when they hit the back wall of the wardrobe?

I have – and always at some ungodly hour of darkness, when my next-room neighbour needs to beat a hasty retreat to catch an early plane or train. Whack, wham, bang, slam! The dawn chorus was never meant to sound like this.  And it doesn’t need to.

Having hangers that are in two parts – one metal, that stays on the rail, and one wooden which can, with patience, persistence and precision, be lifted out – doesn’t help to keep the noise down. But hoteliers have good reason to use them, as a million or more hangers would otherwise go AWOL every year.

However, this annoying noise is easily avoided, with carpet. Yes, carpet!

I take no credit for this solution; it’s something I’ve come across in a few – but all too few – hotels that are on the ball, and have put carpet on the wall.  Are you with me?  It goes in the wardrobe, not just on the floor but at the back, too, running up the wall. And it totally  muffles the sound of ‘hanger rebound’ when guests in a hurry make a grab-and-run raid.

Job done!

The best hoteliers are those who’ve thought of everything. I just wish that more would think of this.


Pat Richardson

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