Tuesday 22 October 2019

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BODYSGALLEN HALL Personally Recommended by Pat Richardson:

Bodysgallen is one of those wonderful places which you have to find – in this case, at the end of a winding drive through 200 acres of wooded parkland – rather than just driving up to in a street where it sits in full view of all and sundry. I simply love this sort of approach, it builds up my excitement, takes me out of one world into another, and culminates in a real sense of ‘arrival’. And what could be more appropriate, in the land of legend and sorcery that is North Wales?

So strong is this ancient house’s sense of history that you almost expect to hear the distant, insistent beat of battle drums, but the only sounds to break the spell of near-silence are birdsong and the occasional, plaintive ‘Mu-u-um, which one are you?’ bleat of a lost lamb.

I think you can recognise deep-down-good places-to-be right away – they’re the ones you don’t hurry into on arriving. Here, you are bound to hesitate: to look up at the tower, to look around at all it surveys, and has surveyed for more than 700 years: the fields, the mountains, the castle at Conwy. To listen to the sounds I spoke of – sounds that would have been as familiar then as they are now. Conwy and Llandudno are nearby, but far enough that no sound carries from them. The almost-silent air is soft and green and unpolluted. You’ll draw in a deep, exhilarating draught of it before you do, finally, step inside.

And there, what delights await you. This is a house that’s had centuries to grow comfortable with itself – and patently, blatantly, has - for you, it will take only moments. The Main Hall is welcoming on a grand scale, with warm oak panelling, inviting chairs and sofas, fine art and antique furniture, fresh flowers and, when the weather calls for it, crackling open fires dancing in the two huge fireplaces. Outside, in the grounds and gardens you’ll glimpse from the mullioned windows, a wealth of walks and wanderings beckon.

The rest of the house lives up to this first fanfare, and you will enjoy your discovery of every public room, plus the one you will call home during your stay. I found much to enjoy at Bodysgallen, as you will. What I remember most of all is the air: still, fresh, full of promise. And somehow, ‘knowing’ – as if it could whisper a thousand secrets from the past. And that, I do put down to sorcery.

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