Tuesday 12 November 2019

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Looking for boutique hotels, luxury hotels, hotels with spas? You'll find them all on this unique website - and all are hotels that stand out from the crowd. What makes them special is what makes them different: each has a past that's unique, a present that's packed with character, and an appeal that's every bit as individual as you are. That's why it's our pleasure to present these distinctive hotels.


The story behind HotelsThatWereNot.com

Founder and travel writer Pat Richardson reveals all

Hello! I'm delighted that you want to know more about HotelsThatWereNot.com and why I created it. I've been a travel writer and editor for 25 years; it's taken me to more than 70 countries and counting, hundreds of cities and more hotels than I can count. When I checked in at my first Hotel That Was Not, a former women’s prison in Stockholm where I was given my room key on a ball and chain, I was intrigued. By the time I’d checked out of the next one, a former department store in Edinburgh, I was hooked.

Having a past that’s so at odds with their present role - a past that adds excitement, and an extra level of enjoyment to the experience of staying there - is what gives these unique properties the power to thrill me. And because I want to share that thrill with you, I created this website, which features my hand-picked selection - currently numbering 103, in 22 countries. Every one is different and, as it says on the home page, each has a presence that owes much to its past. I do hope that you’ll enjoy exploring the website as much as I enjoyed devising it, and that it will entice you to stay somewhere really special.

My aim, however, is to help you do more than that: I'd like to make your travel experience something really special, too. That's why I've arranged for you to pay 10% less when you book a VIP airport lounge with Lounge Pass, through HotelsThatWereNot.com - that offer stands on any and every occasion that you fly, whether you book a hotel with us or not. And so does this one: you'll also pay 10% less if you book The Baggageman's service through HTWN. He will collect, transport and deliver your bags for you, so they'll be waiting for you when you arrive. You can use his service on any trip you make, in Europe or long-haul, whether or not it takes you to an HTWN hotel - but you will have to be a UK-based customer.

Hotels that were something else first have not lost their power to intrigue me, so I'm on a mission to find and add new ones to the HTWN website all the time – and to find more ways of making your travels more enjoyable - so if this is your first visit to the website, don’t make it your last. And do, please, tell your friends about us. After all, wouldn't they rather stay somewhere really special, too?


PS If you are now wondering where to start your search, or want a quick guide to using the website - it's very easy, I promise - just click on the hand-written Find a Hotel at the top left on every page.

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Above, at the edge of the Sahara, and below, on the Vatnajokull Glacier, Iceland - the largest in Europe.