Thursday 09 April 2020

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Looking for boutique hotels, luxury hotels, hotels with spas? You'll find them all on this unique website - and all are hotels that stand out from the crowd. What makes them special is what makes them different: each has a past that's unique, a present that's packed with character, and an appeal that's every bit as individual as you are. That's why it's our pleasure to present these distinctive hotels.

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Wondering where to start your search for somewhere really special to stay?

The simplest and speediest way, for those hotels which appear on the picture carousel at the top of the Home Page, is to click on the picture. And if you haven't already realised that these pictures change every few seconds (which is why we call it a carousel) then do stop and watch the 'show' for a while - it's there to inspire and tempt you, and we think you 'll enjoy it.

But we have many more hotels for you to choose from than we can show you there! To see them, click on either the HOTELS BY DESTINATION or the HOTELS BY HISTORY button on the coloured bar above.

We've given you lots of other ways of looking, too. If you want to find hotels with a particular feature, such as FOUR-POSTER BEDS, or a favourite activity, such as GOLF, just type the feature or activity in the search box to see all your options.

You'll see, too, that we've put an At--a-Glance Guide at the top of every hotel's information page on our website, so you can see straight away if it has a spa or a pool, as well as how many bedrooms and suites, whether it can host a business event - and much more besides.

Maybe you're looking for a place to stay that's in, near or on the way to a particular TOWN, CITY or REGION, type that place into the search box. (Unless it's the city of Bath, in which case we recommend typing 'near Bath' as otherwise you'll be swamped with suggestions - involving soap or shower gel, water and a sponge!)

As well, you can choose a place or a past role that intrigues you from the WHERE OUR HOTELS ARE and WHAT OUR HOTELS WERE lists. They're on every page - look left.

Whichever of these paths you choose, it will take you to a page listing our selected hotels in a country or a category. And there, you'll find an instant colour-coded key that tells you whether a hotel's in a CITY, RURAL or COASTAL setting.

We've done everything we can to make finding somewhere really special to stay easy and convenient.
Enjoy your search, and prepare to be spoilt for choice!
Wouldn’t you rather stay somewhere really special?