Friday 28 February 2020

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MACDONALD BERYSTEDE Personally Recommended by Pat Richardson:

The Berystede, as a hotel, is much more extensive than the house it replaces – but, just as the original mansion remains at the heart of the property, so does the welcoming warmth of a private home form the core of the hospitality that guests experience here today.

It begins with your arrival, at the original entrance to the house – a pleasingly short drive from Ascot station or racecourse, and also well-placed for London’s Heathrow Airport. Yet such convenience will not cost you a pleasing and peaceful setting – The Berystede sits on a quiet road, in landscaped gardens, surrounded by aged trees. The most spectacular of these were planted to enhance the original house and, whilst some are on land which is no longer part of the property, they are still there to admire and enjoy, and their presence gives a timeless tranquillity to the hotel’s outdoor areas.

The indoor pool – part of the excellent Spa – also benefits from the serene, green embrace of the Brystede’s grounds, as it’s glassed-in on three sides, with a swim-through to an outdoor hydrotherapy pool.

An extensive terrace, opening off the main dining room - the ideal spot for drinks or a meal when the weather permits – drew me out, and the magnet was, again, the magnificence of those trees.

I found serenity indoors too – in the Vital Spa’s treatment area. The approach, along a calmingly candlelit corridor, sets the mood. And it’s further enhanced by the decor, in soothing shades and natural textures – predominantly wood. This is just how a spa should be – an inviting bridge between reality and total relaxation, an air of calm, an atmosphere in which time seems to run more slowly, sounds fade to mere whispers. For me, a massage here is heaven.

And then of course, there’s mealtime to look forward to. As with all Macdonald hotels, the food-quality benchmark is set high – and it shows. Imaginative cooking of well-sourced ingredients is the recipe for a first-class meal. And you need expect no less.

This is a hotel where I found it very easy to make myself at home. I think you would too.

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