Tuesday 22 October 2019

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COBBLERS COVE Personally Recommended by Pat Richardson:

Certain hotels I have stayed at hold a special place in my heart, and Cobblers Cove is certainly one of them. If I could, I would spend a week or two here every single year, because I like it so much and feel so very at home here. It doesn’t hurt that I love the Caribbean, too – but in fact, this unique hotel is not overly Caribbean in character. So what is it like? Let me take you there now, with words...

Imagine that you are in an English country house. There’s much that is familiar – plump-cushioned sofas, framed prints on the walls, fine ceramic pieces in wall-niches, packed bookshelves. Heavy curtains fall in generous folds from over-the-windows poles, table lamps are placed to offer welcome pools of light as dusk descends; a decanter and glasses glint on a tray. Only the tiled floor on which rush mats replace carpets, and the colour schemes – predominantly blues and greens, against white and cream – hint at a different location.

The house, of course, stands in well-kept grounds, but the trees that surround it are gently waving palms, and the garden is filled with exotic flowers - vivid hibiscus and sweet-fragranced frangipani.

Step out through the French windows and overhead, the sky is a cloudless blue dome; beyond the inviting pool, a turquoise sea sparkles in the sunlight. The air pulses with heat and a drowse-inducing heaviness. The soundtrack is pure Caribbean: the unending slap-whisper-drag of waves breaking on the sandy shore; and after dark – in fact, from the very moment when the sun slips into the sea – the bell-like calls of whistling frogs, playing their dating game.

This is a truly enchanting place, warmly welcoming, with a relaxing pace. The rooms are cool, extremely comfortable, and beautifully styled, with soft colours and exquisite furnishings. Each has a patio or a balcony, too, with either garden or sea views. If you’re not on yours, or in the sea, or out exploring the island, then you’ll probably find yourself poolside. There’s nowhere nicer to while away the hours before dinner, when Cobblers Cove’s Relais & Chateaux credentials are reaffirmed by the arrival of ‘paradise on a plate’.

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